How it Works

Shopping on Wyngle is easy:

1. Buy at great prices
2. Flip the price tag
3. Win to pay only $1

Winning Ratios

On Wyngle every product has a ratio which tells you the chance of winning the item for just $1 or paying the competitive advertised price. For example, 1 in 3 means every third item purchased will cost a total of $1.

We want you to win!

We work hard to provide the best ratios we can so you have the best chance of winning. More winners mean more products sold, so we win too.

The ratios are guaranteed

If the ratio is 1 in 3 for example and you buy 3 of that product, then you are guaranteed to get one for $1. So why not get together with your friends and share the saving.

Our goods are competitively priced

You can use our price check feature to compare with other trusted online retailers.

So, what's the catch?

There is no catch. We sell quality products at competitive prices. We negotiate hard with brands and distributors to enable us to provide the $1 giveaways.

This makes shopping on Wyngle exciting and rewarding - Enjoy!

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